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Portuguese World Language and Communities Impact Award

                                     Prof. Duarte Manuel Bettencourt Mendes

                                     Director of Department of Communities (1977-1997)

                                                Government of the Azores, Portugal

For his outstanding pioneer work and leadership as the first Director of the Department of the Communities of the Government of the Azores for two decades and for his extraordinary impact in promoting the Portuguese  language as well as affirming the Azorean Portuguese Culture in the United States and around the world.

Under his leadership the Department of the Communities connected the Azores with its diaspora around the globe and his significant contributions include numerous firsts in the history of the Azores: Ferias Jovens, Açoes de Formação para Professores e Professoras,   Congressos Mundiais das Comunidades Açoreanas, cursos de formação de Animadores Culturais, broadcating of the Azorean news first in videocasettes and after via satelite (precursor to RTPi), the publication of selected books about the azores or written by Azorean authors.

Prof. Mendes is a distinguished Azorean who also served  as member of the Azorean Assembly as well as a school teacher and principal in Angra, Tereceira, Azores. He graduated from the Magisterio de Angra

Portuguese Academic Language and Cultures Impact Award

                                                       Mestre Yvonne Domings

                                           Director of INternational Programs and

                                                                          Instructional     Designer


For her outstanding contribution to the expansion and valuing   of the Portuguese Academic Language in the Universal Design for Learning, a major educational research based framework that  is revolutionizing education in the USA and around the world, by  promoting access and academic achievement for all students and for her extraordinary impact in promoting the Portuguese language in the UDL-Teaching Portuguese worldwide project.

Mestre Domings is a researcher, instructional designer and the director of the International Training for the prestigious non Profit Educational Organization CAST in the United States. She was instrumental in the creation of the Portuguese Book Builder, a UDL tool that is used to promote the learning of Portuguese Language and Cultures around the world.

United States


P      LI


                                Lesley University


              Luso-American Education Foundation|East

24th Portuguese Language & Cultures Conference

XXIV Congresso de Língua e Culturas Portuguesas

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